Herald-Examiner Building | Los Angeles, CA

The renovation of the historical Herald Examiner building in Downtown L.A. required new HVAC equipment, a project that could be simply solved with new WSHP if it wasn’t for 2 reasons.

First, the mechanical area was extremely small, requiring Vertical Systems to design the solution with the lowest footprint possible to fit the space.

Second, the L.A. City’s water conservation requirements demand 6 cycles of concentration of cooling tower water use, meaning that Vertical Systems needed to implement an advanced water treatment strategy to meet the goals.

The Evapco eco-LSWE fluid cooler was the perfect choice for the project because its finned heat transfer tubes achieve the required heat rejection capacity within the minimum footprint. The reduced footprint allowed the unit to fit in a space not possible for other pieces of equipment. In addition, Armstrong DualArm pumps provided duty standby operation of two pumps with only one volute, in a configuration that utilizes the smallest footprint for any two-pump operation in the market.

The water treatment requirements were then met with the Evapco Water Saver Capacitive De-Ionization system, which pretreated the make-up water by eliminating mineral ions. The solution allowed for more recirculation cycles, meeting the 6 COC preestablished by the L.A. City.



1 Evapco eco-LSWE , 400 tons, elliptical finned tubed fluid cooler

1 Armstrong Dual Arm Pump – duty/standby operation, 2 pumps, 1 volute

1 Evapco Water Saver – capacitive de-ionization make up water pre-treatment


Vertical Systems Team:

Christine Lazo / Vince Gomez – Engineering Sales, Customer Syska Hennessy Group (Sam Stephenson, Meghan Quinn, Tim Tyrrell)

Christine Lazo – Contracting Sales, Customer Western Allied Corporation (Rick Collier, Sharon Martinez)

Owner – Georgetown Co.