MTA Building | Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles MTA building needed a water-cooled chiller replacement to obtain the highest energy efficiency possible at all times. However, the new chiller had to replace an existing one located on the 15th floor of a 16-story building, with no access from the roof.

Crane and helicopter lift would have required the complete shutdown of the adjacent highway and the train station, not being a viable option.

Thankfully, Smardt manufactures a line of chillers designed particularly for situations like this. All units are factory-tested and then shipped in components for assembly at the job site.

This product line allowed Vertical Systems to size the solution based on the elevator dimensions, bringing the machine piece by piece to the 15th floor and assembling the unit without compromising neither the highway nor the train station.

The solution designed by Vertical Systems included 5 300 tons Smardt chillers and a Kiltech CPECS to optimize the central plant control.



5 SMARDT CHILLERS 300 tons each

1 Kiltech CPECS – control/optimization of 5 chillers, 4 cooling towers, 10 pumps


Vertical Systems Team:

Christine Lazo – Engineering Sales, Customer Henrikson Owen Group – Richard Henrikson

Brett Gaviglio/Kevin Lynch – Contracting Sales, Customer Emcor Service – Harry Archung, Charlie Fletcher, Garrett King