Water Treatment 101 – Why It’s Important for Energy Efficiency

Evapco Water Saver Proper water treatment is essential for all water-containing systems, including commercial HVAC. Without proper water treatment, HVAC systems experience significant issues with corrosion, scale, and bacteria. Not only does water treatment enhance the longevity of equipment, but it increases the energy-efficiency of the system, and is a mindful improvement for businesses looking to create greener, more sustainable infrastructure.  

Water Treatment for Energy-Efficiency

When HVAC systems use properly treated water, they are less prone to corrosion and scale. The systems will last longer, and they will be more efficient. The chances of the system going down or service being disrupted will be reduced. The less the HVAC system has to work, the less energy will be used. Water treatment provides a control for corrosion, scale, and bacteria. Together, this has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of a system. After a thorough water analysis, water can be treated to meet local standards and requirements — and to provide the best results within the system. With increasing regulations regarding environmentalism and sustainability, companies need to be able to both treat their water and ensure that their treatment plans maintain green standards. Through the right water treatment solutions, companies are able to reduce their energy consumption, protect the environment, and save money.  

Other Advantages of Water Treatment

Apart from heat transfer efficiency, water treatment also improves equipment service life and general health and well-being — both for individuals and for the environment. Water treatment removes contaminants within the water, including contaminants that could be harmful to either equipment or individuals. With better water, HVAC systems will last longer — and that reduces the overall costs for the organization. Water treatment systems can be installed with new HVAC systems to enhance their projected lifespan or retro-fitted into older equipment to increase their longevity. Further, water treatment reduces the chances of harmful bacterial growth. Regardless of how well an HVAC system is maintained, there are always areas that are both harder to reach and more difficult to clean. Water treatment will lower the chances of bacteria growing in these regions, thereby making it safer for both those who work in the building and repair and maintenance personnel.  

Treating Water through EVAPCO Water Systems

EVAPCO Water Systems are versatile, flexible manufacturer-backed water treatment solutions. EVAPCO systems can come factory-mounted or retro-fit onto almost any evaporative solution. Developed with years of research, EVAPCO products provide superb value in water treatment — with a low barrier to entry. Both chemical and non-chemical systems are available. With EVAPCO Water Saver, organizations are able to take advantage of cutting-edge new water pre-treatment technologies. Organizations can navigate new water use regulations and environmental restrictions, and ensure that their systems are as efficient and sustainable as possible. When boundaries are pushed, everyone wins. New water treatment technologies are a green, sustainable way of getting the most out of your HVAC solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our water solutions can help save you money and help save the environment!